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Born during the last century in a small village in the East of Belgium, I am a real European having found my happiness in sunny California.
With a career as a Business Executive, my job was about mobility, in all aspects the word. My jobs sent me on frequent travels that gave me the opportunity to come back home with profound and long lasting impressions of our beautiful planet Earth and its landscapes, seascapes, waterscapes,....
I first started drawing when I was very young and planned on attending some drawing and painting courses. These never panned out, either, because of lack of time, or,.... focus. During high school and university, I earned the best grades in all drawing classes, which were part of the engineering M.S. degree curriculum.

One day, while in university, I decided to make my artist dream a reality.  I drove to an art supplies shop in central Brussels, bought Winsor & Newton watercolors, Kolinsky sable brushes, Arches paper, chose a subject (Lake in the fall, resting boat) and got started. The finished painting was better than I expected so, I was on my way to something exciting!
Throughout the years, alternating times of low tide and no ideas with high tide when full inspiration keeps me awake for non-stop day & night creation, I have continued my painting inspired by unforgettable images that caught my eyes, captured my heart and enlightened my life. 
Watercolors are what I feel best, with its immediate and spontaneous approach of a moment in time. Water, indispensable to our living, is present in all my work, continuously flowing, quietly, happily as does our life.
Come and see for yourself at one of my future art shows and festivals.

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